It's not so much "whatever that means." It's whoever...

"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Monday, December 31, 2012

...and a Happy New Year!

I can't believe this year is already over. Crazy, eh? 

So...this week went pretty well. We're not as lost as we were before. We are also working with some super prepared investigators.

Wilson is amazing. He accepted a baptismal date right off, which almost never happens. If everything goes well, he'll be getting baptized next Satirday! On the 12th. He even brought his 5 yr old son to church on Sunday. :) Yesterday, that is. We're also working with Alvaro, who has had some problems with the word of wisdom, but is doing a LOT better. He's amazing. He even came to church in a suit and tie. :) Awesome. Other than that...we're still just getting to know the ward and trying our best to find and find some more. :) But we've been doing well. :) My son is awesome. He doesn't talk as much as my other two sons...which may or may not be a good thing. I think I've seen both extremes now with my sons. Haha. Anyway, he's a great missionary. :) 

Anyway...sorry this is so short. Time's up. 

Love you all. :) 

Elder Cannon

P.S. We played futbol today. Here's a pic. :)

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Monday, December 24, 2012


I totally forgot! 


Neither of us were there, but the sisters that are now in Quinta Bosch called yesterday to tell me that everything had gone well, and that Jorge had baptized her, and that she had been confirmed as well. :) 

I'll send you pics when they send them to me. Haha.


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So, Happy Christmas, everyone. :) Haha. I can't believe it's Christmas again. But I'm super excited for it. Mostly because I get to talk to my amazing family. :) I love y'all so much. What would I do without you? 

Christmas in Bogota feels a lot more like Christmas. It's cold. That's basically why. Also it feels more like Christmas because now we can listen to music, and so I've been listening to amazing Christmas music. The only CD that I miss is the Come to the Manger CD. I think it's Orrin Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry? I don't actually remember. It's been a while. I only remember listening to it every year as a child. And the song that says "Beautiful is the mother of God, beautiful lizard sun." Still makes me smile when I think of that. Like the livering room, or the lansoom welcome doll. Haha. :) 

Anyway, Christmas is wonderful. And this ward is too! I'm pretty sure I received the warmest welcome (despite the cold weather) I ever have to a ward here on my mission. Our ward mission leader is awesome, and very supportive (and also Argentine. Or Utahn. I'm not sure which. Haha. His spanish is Argentine, and his English is Utahn). But the ward has been very supportive. We're replacing the sister missionaries, which did an amazing job working here (as they always do), and the ward basically loves us. They're very active. I mean, apart from just attending on Sundays. We went Christmas caroling twice this week. :) It was so much fun. I didn't have my camera, or I would have taken pictures. They gave us all a Santa hat and we went around to less actives and elderly members and sang them Christmas Hymns and gave them bags of goodies. It was a blast. :) 

Anyway, I'm basically just REALLY excited to talk to y'all tomorrow. :) 

So, Merry Christmas to all. Don't party too hard without me. ;)

Elder Cannon

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cucuta Christmas Choir activity: Take 2 + Novenas + Cambios = TIRED...

This week was pretty much amazing. We had an amazing Cucuta Christmas choir activity, where we sang (I actually didn't sing. I got to play the piano.) an amazing medley of Christmas Hymns. This was my second time being in this activity, since I was here last year, but this year I got to be the one that arranged all the songs and put them together with key changes and stuff, which I loved, of course, and all the Elders in the zone sang while Elder Valverde (my awesome Ecuadorian music/choir director friend from Bogota) directed us. He actually directed the stake choir as well, because two weeks before, the real director went to Bogota. I think it turned out really great. The stake center was FULL, with a lot of investigators, so we were busy before and after contacting everyone and their dog. And! I only messed up once. Haha. I went to the deceptive cadence instead of the second verse of The First Noel. :P Oops. But I don't think anyone noticed. Except maybe my companion. 

So...there's this thing here in latinoamerica that's called "Las Novenas." It's a Catholic tradition that I'm not really very fond of. I don't even know what they do in the novenas. I just know that they do them the 9 days (nights) leading up to Christmas at 3 in the morning, and there's always fireworks included. Plus the fact that we live half a block from a huge catholic church...they didn't let us sleep at all. Sigh. We closed all the windows and sliding doors and such, but it didn't block out any of the noise. Sigh.

Then...yesterday was the last day of the transfer. Dun dun DUN... I'm leaving. Nooooooo... I didn't want to go. The Stake President and 2 or 3 other members had already invited us to dinner on Christmas and Christmas Eve, and I was hoping to stay here in Cucuta for my 2nd Christmas on the mission. Sigh. Pero así es la vida. misión, mas bien. My companion is leaving as well. Actually I think we're going to be in the same stake in Bogota. I'm going to the Dorado ward, in the Dorado stake. I guess it was a nice break here in the heat. I've been vacationing for the past 3 months. Haha...okay, not really...but with 90+ degrees every day and 700% humidity (okay, It's only about 75%. But...still). I guess it'll be nice to be back in the cool Bogota weather. 

Here in Quinta Bosch they're going to put sister missionaries. There are actually going to be a lot of sisters coming out with the new age limit. This transfer we have 30 new missionaries!!! I'm not sure how many are sisters. Which reminds of those 30 is going to be my third son. I'm going to train again. :) Fun stuff. 

So...last night we were up until...really late...packing and cleaning and filling out some last minute things in the area book. Then there were that's why we're writing early, because we're going back to the house to sleep after this. We'll leave for Bogota at around 2pm. 

Oh!!! One more thing! Basically the most exciting piece of news in like 10 years. And sad day that we're not oging to be here. :-/ Yuranny came to us Thursday night after a choir practice and says "I have something to tell you. But don't get too excited. I want to be baptized." I'm pretty sure that if she hadn't said not to get too excited, I would have freaked out. Haha. I coulnd't believe it! So that same night we had a lesson where we went over the interview questions and set a date for this Saturday, the 22nd of December. I asked her what had made her decide to be baptized, and she said "you guys were always telling me I should pray to know if it was the right thing to do, so that's what I did. And it felt right." In that moment, the Spirit washed over me, and I remembered all of the prayers that I had said, and all of you that have been praying and praying for her to reveice an answer. Well I have some news for y'all: Prayer works. It's always such a testimony builder when I experience first hand the power and the truth of the promise God has made us to give liberally and upbraid not if we only ask in faith. This church is so true. I love it. :) 

So. that's basically my week. In a few hours I'll be on a 16 hour bus ride to Bogota. We'll get there around 6am, with time to shower and be to the temple at 10. 

Pray for me. :) 

I love you all. Take care. And merry almost Christmas. :) 

-Elder Cannon

P.S. The fotos are of Elder Madsen, Elder Valverde, Me and my comp, Elder Salazar. And the other one is the decorations for the activity (that we put up and took down.) :)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear the fam,

Another week passed, and we're another week closer to Christmas. And another week closer to the end of the world. Only 11 days left!

Okay...not really. :P We get asked that a lot, actually. "Is the world really going to end this month?" We usually quote the scripture about Christ coming like a theif in the night, or that not even Christ himself, nor the angels in heaven know when He will come. Heavenly Father is the only one that knows. We usually tell them that the end is near. That's why our church is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So we need to be prepared, and not get caught off guard like one of the 5 virgens that didn't have oil in their lamps. And that preparation comes by following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. So. Go buy some oil. 

This week we started a new plan. Operation: Fortalecer a Sión. The ward here is wonderful, and they're all great people. But we've decided that we need to strengthen them and help them build their testimony before they can strengthen others, or help us with our work. 

So. Any prayers you can send this way for the ward, the members, the Bishop, us...will be greatly appreciated. :) 

We're still working with Ricardo and Yuranny, but this week their dad, Oriol came to church. We're also working with Jennifer and Ronald, their half sister (is that how you say that?) and her "husband", that just had a baby last week. They've been pretty interested, but with the new born and all the craziness, plus needing rest from the C-section, they haven't been able to come to church. 

And hey!!! I just realized that in a couple weeks, I'll be able to talk to y'all again! I'm not sure how it will be exactly with the new president, but I'll keep you informed. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Love y'all.

Elder Cannon

P.S. Happy birthday, Dad and Sophie and Alicia! Love y'all to death. :)

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Holidays mode:on.

So. Happy Holidays, everyone! Crazy how time flies, but it's already December. I remember the last time it was December. That was a while ago...

This week was fun. And also sad. I'll talk about the fun part first. 

Tuesday morning, a sister in our ward called and asked us if we could come help her organize the house of her step daughter, who was going to have a baby this week, and needed some help. Well we agreed, but since we had appointments after, we thought it'd be okay to just go in our missionary attire. ...wrong! We got there, and she was like, "Uhh...why are you dressed like that? I thought you were going to come in normal clothes." And then she goes on to explain everything we have to organize and clean and mop and dust...inside, outside, in the back patio, etc, etc, etc. So...we both took off our ties and got to work. By the time we finished, our shirts were more black than white. Haha. It was a blast. So, we came home, showered and changed, and then went to our appointments. 

Nother fun thing that happened this week was the amazing Christmas Devotional last night. I LOVED the version of "What Child is This" that they did. I guess the music was my favorite part. And also President Monson's story about him being the problem child in his primary class. Haha. :) I love President Monson. And all of the prophets and apostles. They're wonderful men. 

The other cool thing we did was an amazing "Mormon Helping Hands" service activity on Saturday. It was a blast. We were restoring...or cleaning in and around a historic temple in Villa del Rosario. I'll attach pictures. 

So...the not so cool part of this week was that we had a chat with Ricardo and Yuranny about baptism...and they told us that they don't want to get baptized on the 8th. That they might get baptized later on...and that it was still something they wanted to do, but not for now. :( :( :( Saddest day of my life. My companion, walking home from that appointment, we were both just really sad. I told my companion that I felt a hole in my heart, and he said he felt the same. It's just the saddest thing in the world when you know that a person knows that the church and the gospel are true, but don't want to accept it or really follow Jesus Christ. It's really sad. So...we're still teaching them, and hoping and praying that everything will work out. Any prayers for them will be more than appreciated. 

Anyway, that was basically my week for ya. Cambios are coming up in 2 weeks. I can't believe that I've been here more than 2 months. 

So. Hope y'all are doing well. Take care.

-Elder Cannon

P.S. I'm also attaching fotos of Johanna's baptism. :) Enjoy.

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More fotos.

This is us after the service we did, and also my companion eating Subway. It was the first time he had eaten there, so I got to show him around. Needless to say, he loved it. ;)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Today is Monday, today is Monday, Monday all day long...

Hello, all.

Today is Monday. That means that I get to type at you all in hopes that you read and maybe actually benefit from my words. Who knows...

This week was pretty average. Sad as that may seem. No one wished me a happy Thanksgiving. Besides the Mission President's wife. She gave me a sucker. 

Luckily, we have an oven, and we made an amazingly delicious pie at 10:00 at night. Delish. So...happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

We're working these days with Ricardo and Yuranny. They are the little brother and little sister of Jorge Alvarez, who was just baptized a few weeks ago. Jorge this week passed the sacrament. This net week he's going to bless it. 

That's really my favorite thing about the mission. I'm sure I've said this before, but I absolutely love to see people change. Even the way they smile, or...I guess it's what you'd call "the light in their eyes." It's amazing. Jorge has changed a ton, and so have his siblings. We're hoping and praying that they can both get baptized on the 8th of December. It'd be way cool in Jorge himself baptized them! :) 

Anyway, life's good. We're still just working hard, and trying to find and find some more. 

Thanks for everything, y'all. Love you.

Elder Cannon

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, to tell you the truth, I realized yesterday that this Thursday would be Thanksgiving. Kind of sad, right? But they don't celebrate it here, so I guess that's just part of the whole new culture experience. I remember last year, there was one person who remembered. And she gave us scrambled eggs with hotdog pieces to celebrate. :) Yum. We'll have to see if anyone remembers this year. I kind of doubt it. 

Anyway, this week was pretty much the best. We had a baptism on Saturday! Which was basically a miracle. Johanna's been attending church the past few months, but she kept saying she was going to move to Medellin and get baptized there. But she went to Bogota, and met up with Elder Ure, who had taught her, and they decided on a baptismal date. So on Saturday, we got to work with my awesome friend, Elder Ure who came out just for the baptism. He's assistant now, so he has those kind of priveleges. Haha. He was actually out here to work with the zone leaders, but he worked with us, and his comp with the ZL's, so he could come to the baptism and baptize Johanna. It was an amazing baptismal service. There were more than 30 members there, and they even brought cake, and cleaned the room beforehand and after, and everything. We just showed up, filled the font, and sang the musical number. We made an awesome trio, btw's. :)

So, I'm feeling lots better this week. We're starting to gain the confidence of the members, and this Sunday, the Bishop had us speak in Sacrament mtg. Despite only having Saturday night and Sunday before church to prepare, I think my talk went fairly well. I talked about the differences between Lehi's 4 sons. Laman was actively disobedient, Lemuel basically just did whatever Laman did. Sam followed Nephi, but Nephi was 100% obedient, no matter what anyone else said or did. So I talked about how we need to read our scriptures and come to church because we want to, not because our mom drags us out of bed, or because we "have to". This church has something very unique about it. Every single person in this church is a member because they've had a personal experience with our Heavenly Father, and a personal answer to a prayer. We're not here because we have to be. We're here because we want to be. In this world, it's not enough to just do what's cool, or what's "in". Because in our day and age, living the gospel just plain isn't. We need to do it when it's easy, when it's hard, when it tries us so much we think it's not even possible. That's what Nephi did. He lived the gospel when the rest of his family was, and he lived the gospel when his brothers were beating him with a rod, or when they tied him up on the boat and everyone was about to drown. That's what we need to do. Live the gospel because we believe it. 

DyC 58:26-27
DyC 76:79
There's another scripture that I used that I can't find. It said basically that we're not obligated to come. Whoever wants to can come and drink freely of the waters of life. 

So. Live the gospel. Y punto. 

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. :) I know I will. I'll be working all day, but I guess that's what I'm here for, right? ;) 

Love y'all.

Elder Cannon

P.S. I can't upload pics...sorry. I'll get them to you next week.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Skip >>l the land of Colombia, "El Día de Acción de Gracias" (Thanksgiving Day) only exists in movies and fairy tales. Sometimes not even that. So, the day after Halloween, they're already putting up Christmas decorations. 

So...Merry Christmas!!! I'll bet I'm the first one to wish you a merry christmas, aren't I?

Go me. 

This week went pretty well. We've decided to follow the counsel in Preach My Gospel and serve the members. So...this week, we painted a house, today we're going to help someone move, and we've done several other various service projects with the members. It's been a really fun week. :) I'll attach pictures. 

We've been working with Yuranny and Ricardo, which are Jorge's sister and brother, and yesterday, they both came to church!!! I was so excited. :) All 3 of them, and their mom were there. :) It made me really happy. Another little miracle that happened this week, is that Johana, one of our investigators, had talked with Elder Ure (Who was here before us and is now assistant to the President) and told him that she wanted to be baptized! So, he's coming down this week, and if everything goes well (cross your fingers...and pray lots and lots), she'll be getting baptized this Saturday! :D How wonderful. 

Anyway, Sorry this is so short. We have to be to the members' house at 3. 

Love y'all! 

Elder Cannon

Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember, remember, the 5th of November...

Wasn't is the 5th of November? Sometimes I think it was the 4th. I never can remember. 

Anyway. This week was awesome. :) We had a baptism!!! Yay. :) Jorge Alvarez got baptized. Then, even cooler (well, not really...but...also really cool) is that last night, we commited his little sister Yuranny to baptism as well. We're planning on baptizing the whole family, but...we have to do it one step at a time. At least we have the support of their mom. She's awesome. 

Today are cambios. Transfers. So...we're currently in a trio while another Elder waits for his companion that gets here the day after tomorrow. Isn't that a movie? The day after tomorrow. Anyway. My companion and I are staying here. :) We have a plan to take over the world. Operation: Noche Blanca, December 8th, 2012. Baptize everyone within the sound of our voice. ;) We've already got one on track. Now we just need like 20 more. That's not a joke either. I mean, it's a big number, but we have plans to invite basically everyone and their dog to be baptized. ;) It's gonna be awesome. 

So, life's been good. A little hot at times, but I can't complain too much. Oh! I just remembered. My two sons, Elder Valenzuela and Elder Numa are going to train! So now I'm going to have 3 grandsons. Haha. :) Before long I'm going to have to change my name to Abraham. Hahaha...just kidding. That...wasn't funny. Okay, maybe a little. :P They're both going to Bucaramanga. Fun stuff. 

I've been reading the Isaiah chapters lately, and comparing them with the "original," although, the version in the Book of Mormon is probably more original than the version in the bible. It's really interesting to see the changes that were made. And if that many changes were made in the whole bible? Crazy. most of the changes aren't doctrinal. I mean, you still get the same basic picture out of the words that are there. But other times, there are some pretty big changes. Interesting. I love the Isaiah chapters. Like it says in 1 Ne 19:23, we need to liken them to our lives. It also says the same thing in 2nd Nephi...I'm not sure what verse. But then later on, Jesus Christ himself gives the commandment to search the words of Isaiah diligently (3rd Ne 23:1). So, it's important. Promise. 

Well...I'm out of time. Peace out. Sorry I don't have pics of the baptism. I'll get them to y'all when I can. 

-Elder Cannon

P.S. I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's groove. "Sorryyyyy...!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

And more...

Foto 1: Now that I'm back in Cucuta, I went to see Camila, one of my converts (that's not really a correct term. She's the Lord's convert. It's just the easiest term to use...) from Motilones. The last time I was in Cucuta. I left the week before her baptism, but hopefully I'll be able to be there in Bogota for her sealing to her husband next spring. :) 

Foto 2: We find lots of lizzards in and around our apartment. :) I didn't really eat it. It was nice enough to pose for the picure, and then we let it go. 

I finally have pictures!!!


I FINALLY have pictures, so I'm attaching them right now, before I forget. We have an oven in our house right now, so I've been going to town and cooking all sorts of deliciousnesses. Apple pie, Chocolate chip cookies, etc. We had to go clear to Kingdom come to find something that was more or less like a pie tin. They don't make pie here, so it was really hard to find it. No one even knew what I was talking about. I feel like I'm from another planet sometimes. Haha. Luckily we found something, and the pie actually turned out pretty good. It was a practice run, but I liked it. :) 

The work is going ever onward. Jorge is getting baptized this Saturday! at 5. :) I'm really excited. Also, the transfer ends this week, which is absolutely crazy, but I don't think either of us are going anywhere. Pretty sure we've got lots more work to do here in Quinta Bosch. Besides, I'm just getting used to this whole 700º all day every day thing. ;) 

I've actually decided I'm not good at all at guessing when they're going to transfer me and when they're not. The last time I was here in Cucuta, I was only here 6 weeks. So...really I have no idea. But. Anyway.

Sorry I don't have much time. I hope everything is going well there at home. Send me some pictures. Of. Whatever. :) 

Love you all. :) 

-Elder Cannon

P.S. I accidentally sent an email with one picture. I'll send more. Promise.

More pictures. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quinta Bosch...

So. This week was pretty bomb diggity. Even though it wasn't the best as far as numbers go. After conference, I got the song "Have I done any good in the World today?" Stuck in my head, and have been singing it a lot, and thinking about how I can help someone each and every day. It's been going well. I really really admire President Monson and all of the stories he tells about helping someone or going to give a blessing. I really want to get to the point that Heavenly Father can answer the prayers of others through a spiritual prompting I receive and follow. It's just an amazing feeling to know you've helped someone along in their way. :) Makes me happy. And I guess that's what missionary work is all about. We're here to help and serve and do everything we can to make the lives of others better. 

So, I've just been working on forgetting myself and thinking about others. It's not easy. We as human beings and natural men and women have the tendancy to think about our own personal needs before we think about the needs of others. It's kind of against our nature to give food or money or time and attention to others when those are the things that we ourselves are lacking. In Luke 18 starting in verse 18, there's a man that asks Jesus what he needs to do to get into the Kingdom of God. Jesus says that he needs to keep the commandments. To which the man responds, "All these things have I kept from my youth up." Then Jesus says, "Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven." The scriptures say that if we have not charity, we are nothing. Wouldn't charity be simply forgetting ourselves and thinking only about others? That's what Christ did. 

I know, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but these are some things that have just been on my mind. I'm gonna try my best this week to just forget myself. Think only about others. My companion, my investigators, the leaders and members of the church, etc. I didn't come so far just for me. I came this far because the Lord knows there are people here who need me. Me. My help. And if I'm thinkin about me all the time, then I'm never going to find them. maybe I'm the one who needs all this. Sorry for the vent. Just thinking out loud a little.

Our investigators are going well. of them, at least. Jorge is still on track to be baptized on the 3rd of November. Ramon kind of bailed on us. We taught a powerful lesson about why baptism is important and why he shouldn't wait and how it can bless his life...and then he told us that even still...he wants more time to think about it. We haven't been able to talk to him much, because he's studying at the University now. I know he has at least a spark of a testimony, but I'm not sure how to help him realize that, and then turn that spark into something bigger. 

Jorge's mom is a member. Right now after we leave here, we're going to a family night with them. He's got 4 or 5 siblings, and one sister even came to church with them this week. We're hoping we can get them all to come. 

We're also still with our goal to find lots of JAS, but we've added another goal to find priesthood in general. The ward is kind of just lacking as ar as faithful priesthood leaders go. But luckily we've got an amazing bishop and at least a few brethren who are willing to help us out. 

So. That's my week in a nutshell. Hope everyone's doing great and loving life and working and studying hard. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church. Above all, forget about yourself, and help someone else! "There are chances for work all around just now. Opportunities right in our way. Do not let them pass by, saying "sometime I'll try," but go and do something today."

Love y'all. 

-Elder Joey

P.S. Take some jelly, take some fish. Look at that sandwich, delish.

P.P.S. Sorry I STILL don't have pictures. I promise I'll get them to you next week, if I have to send them by carrier pidgeon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, then how long would it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?

Just wondering.

This week was much better than last week. We had much better results. And I think a record of 11 investigators in Sacrament Mtg. Awesome. :) We had lots of new investigators, and are now working on getting them to progress and such. :) 

We're still working with Ramón, but he's been a little hard to get a hold of because he started his first semester of college last week. We're hoping we can talk to him this week so that he can be baptized on the 27th of October. Jorge is our other progressing investigator. He's been to church twice now, and is really taking interest. He's got a baptismal date for Nov. 3rd. We've been working with his mother as well, because she's been a member for a long time, but inactive for almost as long. So we're hoping to get the whole family to come to church. :) 

Life here is pretty awesome. I'm always sweating. Unless I'm in the shower. It reminds me of Holes. "There's only one knob, because there's only one temperature. Cold." But it's a nice break from the terrible heat we're in all day. I've never had to spend so much time washing the collars of my shirts. But, like it says in Himno numero 16 (that's in spanish. I think it's 27 in English), "Por sacrificio se dan bendiciones." So. I'm just fine. :) 

My companion is doing great. I'm really sorry...I still don't have pictures. I mean...I have pictures, but this computer doesn't recognize my memory card. :( Hopefully I'll be able to get them to you next week. 

Anyway...I'm almost out of time. Gots to go.

Love y'all. :) 

Elder Cannon

Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference is the best.

Hey y'all! 

How are y'all? I'm doing just dandy. :) General Conference was basically the best thing ever. I loved it so much! :) I couldn't believe it when they announced the new ages for missionaries to leave for the field! I expected that they would change it for the men, because they changed the age here several months ago. But I wasn't in the least expecting them to change the age for the women. It's so cool! The mission field is going to be jam packed with amazing sisters now. And more Elders, I wold think, as well. Here, the young men finish high school really young. Sometimes as young as 15. Normally 16 or 17. They only study until 11th grade. So in the few years that they have after school, they have a lot more time to get lost in the world. It's much better that they go early. As for the women, I'm really excited about that. Now it can be more of a plan A rather than a plan B. And if it was always plan A, well...they can go sooner. :) Haha. Anyway, basically the most exciting thing EVER! :)

Other than that, my favorite talks were Elder Cook's and Elder Holland's. The talk that Elder Holland gave is very similar to a talk he gave in the MTC in January, 2011, entitled "Feed my sheep". I've never heard or seen the whole thing, but if you ever get the chance, it's more than worth watching. Such a powerful talk. 

This week we've been working with Jorge Alvarez. Which is really funny, because that's the same name as our investigator in Bogota. :P He's 19 and he's been progressing a lot. His mom has been a member for a long time, but has been inactive for almost as long. But he's really interested in the church and has accepted and kept all of the commitments we're given him so far. 

We're still pretty lost here, but we're getting better. We need to focus on finding. Lots and lots of new investigators. Opening our mouth in every moment of every day. Every opportunity that comes up to preach the gospel, we need to take it. It's a habit we just need to get into. we need to get better at, at least. 

Anyway, love y'all. I hope you LOVED conference, because I did. I loved what President Monson said about gaining further inspiration reading and studying the talks for a second or third time. Since it's new scripture it should be read and reread just like the Book of Mormon or the Bible. 

Welp. Take care. 


Elder Cannon

P.S. A llama?!! He's supposed to be dead!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cucuta, Cucuta...

I bet you'll never guess where I am right now. guessed it. I'm in Cucuta!!! :D Yay. Basically, I'm really happy to be here again. I didn't really want to leave when they took me out, so I'm glad to be back. The only thing I miss is drinkable water. That and not sweating every moment of every day. Even at night, it gets down to a low of about 80 degrees. Awesome. :)

We're in Quinta Bosch, where the zone leaders used to be. I'm not District leader anymore, so that'll be a nice break. I just get to work and work and :) Love it. The ward is really supportive of the missionaries at the moment. Elder Ure, and Elder Romero, two good friends of mine were here before us, and they were just tearing it up. They're amazing, and they left us a good load of investigators, etc. So once we get a little more...ubicados (not sure how you say that in english), we're going to baptize the whole area. 

Amazing things really do happen in the mission field. We went to Ward Council yesterday (by far the most effective and efficient ward council I have ever attended), and we talked about the different desafíos that the ward has. The area we have the most problems in...or, the least support, mas bien, is the JAS. Or...YSA. So, our goal is to basically just baptize lots of JAS and families with JAS, etc. :) The coolest thing was that just yesterday, we found 2 or 3 new investigators that were JAS, or had kids that are JAS. The Bishop was saying yesterday that before, they needed an Elder's Quorum President, so the missionaries and the ward prayed and fasted that they'd be able to find one. He said that in only a month, the missionaries baptized a man that became the best Elder's Quorum President the ward had ever had. :) It's possible. We just need to pray and fast for lots of JAS, and I have faith that we'll find them. :) 

My companion's namd is Elder Salazar. He's pretty much awesome. He's tall, funny, and has a great bass singing voice. Whenever we're in the apartment, and lots of times on the street, we sing songs with awesome tenor or bass. Love it. He also speaks English really well, so I've almost been speaking more English than Spanish. :) He's only got 3 months on the mission, but he's a great missionary. We're going to have lots of success. 

As far as investigators go, we only have one baptismal date set. Ramón. He's 18 (JAS. Yeah.), and looks like he's 25. Jaja. He's a really cool guy. He's already been to church a couple times, and is reading and praying. He just needs to find that specific answer that these things are true. As of right now, he has a baptismal date for the 13th of October. Other than that...we're basically just working on finding and finding and finding some more. :) 

Well folks, that's about all I have to report. I don't have a picture of my new comp yet. I'll get that to y'all next week. Remember that you're in my prayers, and that I love y'all more than cheese. "For Philadelphia Cream, I need no longer dream..." 

Anyway, Peace out. 

Elder Joey

P.S. "Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me..."

Monday, September 17, 2012


¡¡¡Feliz Día de Amor y Amistad!!! they celebrate it in September, not February. 

Love y'all. :) 


Hey all. 

It's Monday again. That means I get to come here to internet and talk at y'all for an hour. Today, you're in luck, because I've got less than an hour. Haha. 

This week was really neat. We had an amazing conference with President Andelin, and he's changing lots of old habits and ways in the Bogota Colombia North Mission. This week, he did away with the contacts. Before, we had a goal to do 70 contacts on the street every week, as a minimum. This week he put a different goal. 10 new investigators a week, minimum. Wow. I actually really like this goal, even though it's a little bit high for what our mission is doing on average. With the goal of contacts, a lot of missionaries were contacting just to contact, and not to find new people to teach. So, we are now trying to find 10 new investigators every week, whether it be contacting on the street, asking for referrals, etc. It's a much better focus. 

Nicolás was interviewed yesterday, and passed! :) He's such a cool little guy. I'm so glad he's following his mother's footsteps. He'll be baptized this Saturday at 6pm. You're all invited, if you want to come. Capilla La Campiña, Estaca Suba, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia. ;) It'll be wonderful. Now all we need is his older sister Lina to get baptized. She's been attending a Christian church, and has lots of friends there...but her friends aren't a very good influence on her. We're hoping that her heart will soften a little and that we'll be able to start teaching her as well. 

We've also been working a lot with Jorge. He's been progressing...little by little, but has had some problems obeying the word of wisdom and the Sabbath day. They're just things that the average Colombian doesn't follow. Hopefully (we're crossing our fingers and praying really hard), he'll have his baptismal interview this week, so he can be baptized next week. 

Anyway, life's been pretty awesome. We went to the famous Chapinero's to buy ties today. They only cost about $4 each! The coolest thing is that the owner already knows the elders, because they come from all over Bogota to buy ties at his store. :) I'll attach a picture, so you can see. :) 

This is the last week of the transfer. I can't believe it's gone by so fast. ¿Qué será mi destino...?

Welp, that's all for now, folks.

-Elder Joey

P.S. Don't drink that racist coffee...

Monday, September 10, 2012

This week...

...was pretty average. I guess I'm just getting used to this ward. Which probably means they're going to transfer me soon. 3 transfers is the most I've ever been in one area. We'll have to see if that changes. I know missionaries that were 5 transfers in one area. My old companion Elder Romero went back to Cucuta, and by the time he finishes there, he'll have been a total of 1 year in Cucuta. Haha. Crazy. I think they're going to give him a calling on the stake high counsel. ;)

Anyway, we've been trying really hard to get the members more involved in the work and such. It's kind of tough when they're not used to giving references or accompanying us to lessons and such. But we've been sharing lots of messages after lunch and with random members every day about missionary work and how important the members are. chapter 9 or PMG talks all about that. And Chapter 13. President Hinckley says that people think that missionary work is just giving out pamphlets. But everyone who is familiar with the work knows that there's a better way, and that way is through the members. True dat. When members give us references, the investigators already have a friend in the church, and when we're not there to answer their questions, the member can. They can bring them to church, sit with them in the mtgs, etc. They are an incredible support to the investigators, and to the missionaries.

This week, we've been teaching Nicolás, Sister Rocío's son. He kind of has an attention problem. We've had to get creative and find new and interesting ways to teach the lessons...because if they last for more than 7 minutes and 34 seconds, he loses interest. The good thing is that he just loves his mom so much, and wants to follow her example. He's kind of a spaz, but just like every little child, he's just humble and innocent and ready to enter the fold of God. :)

Also, Sister Galvis...that I met in Cucuta as a future missionary, and then again here as a missionary, left for her mission in Puerto Rico this week! So here's a picture of the "farewell." We sang "Para Siempre Dios esté con Vos" and took pictures, and then she was off to the airport. 

Other than that...not much has happened. We have zone conference this week with President Andelin. That ought to be interesting. He's been changing a lot of things here in the mission, and although some changes might be difficult to cope with, they're all changes for the better. Because he's the one authorized by God to receive revelation for this mission. 

So life's good. :) I'm happy, and things are going well. There are lots of new investigators, like the Diaz family, and Leidy and Jhork. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. They make a big difference in my life and in the lives of our investigators. 

Love y'all. Peace out.

Elder Cannon

P.S. The other picture I'm attaching is of the monster sandwich I made and ate for lunch today. Subway exists here, and is even pretty close to home, but this was much cheaper. :)

P.P.S. Why read words when you could just kill the stuff the words tell you stuff about?

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's fun to stay at the...

YMCA!!! pretty much the coolest thing happened this week. We moved. Yeah! Por fin. The apartment we were in had been a missionary apartment for like 5 years, and it was...really needing some fixing up. So we changed apartments. We are now, officially living in the coolest missionary apartment in the entire mission. Haha. It's bigger, nicer, newer, has wood floors and carpet, a balcony...sigh. Love it. :) I don't have pics...but I'll send some when I can.

The other cool thing that happened was that Rocío was baptized! Yay. :) I do have pics of I'm attaching one. It was really neat, because it was the same day that we were working with the newbies from the MTC. It was their first day in the field, and tomorrow they leave the MTC for the mission field. I got to work with one from Paraguay and another from Peru. So they got a first hand experience at everything wonderful that happens on the mish. :) It was a cool day. Now the cool thing is that Rocío's son, Nicolás wants to be baptized. He's the little guy there in the picture. He's...9 years old, if I'm not wrong. So this week we're going to be teaching him.

Today we had a zone activity where we played fútbol, ninja, "have you ever?" and cooked lunch to eat. It was loads of fun. We're only 12 missionaries in our zone, so we're really tight. Like...close together. All friends. :) It's cool. I bought socks to play soccer. I hadn't bought any socks before today. The ones I brought...because white socks I haven't used very much...have lasted me until now. But now they're pretty much dying, so I bought new ones.

My life is basically average. I got a haircut today. I've officially decided that getting a haircut is the best way to lose weight. I feel so light and care free without all that hair.

I'm so weird. I'm gonna go now...before I bore you all to death.

3 more weeks in this cambio. That's the only sad thing...I might not get to enjoy the new apartment as much as I would have liked...hehe. Ah well.

Anyway, life's good.

Love y'all, take care. Pray for me. Even though I know you already do, and I'm really, really grateful. :) Thanks a ton.

Elder Cannon

P.S. Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them...

Monday, August 27, 2012

How's it going?

Hey fam. :) How're y'all doing? I'm doing pretty good. Well, really good actually. I got to see Elder D. Todd Christopherson twice this week. :) He came on Saturday to speak to all the missionaries in the Colombia Bogota North and South missions, as well as all the missionaries in the CCM (MTC) here in Bogota. Everyone from the entire mission came in planes and trains and automobiles...well, mostly just in Coopetran and Transmilenio. Anyway, we had prepared a choir, and I got to play the piano. Well, I actually got to play the piano for the whole conference. PS mom, the list of grateful general authorities is growing. Thanks for "forcing me" to learn to play the piano. Even though you didn't always have to force me, you did give me a love and a knowledge for the piano that I wouldn't have gained otherwise. :) So thanks. :) The Conference was really neat. There were some neat things that he explanied to us about the Atonement and how in D&C 19 it explans how even the Savior was afraid it would be too hard for him to endure, but that "Glory be to the Father" he was able to accomplish everything the Father sent Him here to do. :) After the conference, I took a bunch of pictures with my amazing missionary friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Then we left to conquer the world. ;) 

What's even cooler was that on Sunday, he came again to talk to our stake in a special stake conference. So we got a double dose of amazing insights from Elder Christopherson. We also got to shake his hand, which was also really cool. :) 

Anyway, that was basically the highlight of this week. :) I don't have a ton of time to write, but I just want to let y'all know that I'm doing well. I hope everything is going amazing whith everyone starting school and all. 

I love you all so much! You're amazing.

Elder Cannon

Monday, August 20, 2012

My dear family,

This week was pretty good. Still working hard. Still pluggin along. Still loving life.

Did I tell you about Elder Christopher Waddell of the 70 that came to speak to us? Because he did. There's a picture of all of the Zones here in Bogota with President and Sister Andelin, and Elder Waddell. It was an amazing conference. In the picture, I'm up in the top left side, and my son is right above me. What's even cooler is that this Saturday, Elder D. Todd  Christopherson is coming to speak to the Bogota North and South Missions, and then on Sunday, we get to listen to him again in a special stake conference here in Suba. It's going to be so cool! :D

So, the work is going well. We found a huge neighborhood this week that we didn't know was part of our ward. So we went to work, knocking doors like crazy. We've found some pretty receptive people so far, along with our Elders Quorum President and his family. Hehe. 

Rocio is still progressing. After we finish here, we're going to have a family night with her and another family in the ward. She's been really willing and ready to hear all of the different comandments we've taught her so far. Last week in District meeting, I talked about dividing the sheep from the goats, like it talks about in Matthew 25:30-32. I think. It's around there somewhere. There are people who, when they hear the voice of the Shepherd, they'll come, and follow Him. Those are the sheep. The goats don't really follow any specific master. They just go wherever they want. They maybe tend to be more rebelious, etc. as well. So this week we were looking for sheep. Because when we find them, they'll listen, and come, and become part of the fold of God. But if they're goats, then we'll be spending all our time chasing them around, trying to get them to read or pray or come to church. In D&C 4:4, it says that "the field is white, already to harvest..." Wouldn't it be something foolish to try to plant seeds, when the field is ready to harvest? Preach My Gospel chapter 9 talks a lot about simply having the faith that God is preparing the hearts of the people, and that there are people here who are prepared and ready to listen to our message. 

So that's what I've been working on. Just believing and trusting in God that He will lead me to those people who are prepared to hear this message. And I know that as I work with diligence and obedience, He will. 

Anyway, life's good. I'm just loving the mish. It's tough at times, but "after much tribulation come the blessings." That's from D&C 58. Not sure which verse. 

I love you all. Keep on keepin on, eh?

-Elder Moscas

P.S. Warming up? The sun is WARMING UP??

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey all. How's life? Mine is pretty beawesome I guess. 

This week we had a lot of investigators in church. It was great. Then afterward, that same day, we had a Ward Family night, where everyone invited their friends and family that aren't members. We watched a piece of 17 miracles, which is AMAZING...I actually haven't ever seen the whole thing. But people always comment on how incredibly amazing it is. I really need to see it one of these days. 

Anyway, today are the cambios. Dun Dun DUN... I'm staying here. With my same companion. Because I'm training, so I have to finish teaching him stuff, and then they'll probably change us. Hehe. They did however, change the Elders in Fontana. The other companionship that lives with us. Elder Jaime is going to Bucaramanga, and Elder Acuña is going to Peru (he finished the mish). mision, la mision...

The other piece of news is that a week from today, we're going to move apartments. That'll be fun. Apparently the new apartment where we're going is much nicer than the one we've got now. It's on the th floor...but it has an elevator. So we won't have to do so much exercise. Haha. Being on the 5th floor is fun sometimes...but it gets a little tiring after a while... Especially when we get home super tired...and then still have 4 flights of stairs to climb. :P Anyway, it'll be nice to move. :)

Our investigators are progressing well. We've been working with the Alvarez family, a family where the mom is inactive, the son comes to church, and the dad isn't a member (and there's the little 2 year old sister. She's a future member of the church too). Yesterday, they all came to church! :D Yay. :) Jorge is the dad't name. He's cool. And he likes to practice his English with me. He just needs a little more testimony, I think. Although, they've been reading and praying as a family, so we're just trying to him to pray on his own. Church attendance was a big step, though. It made me really happy to see them all there. 

Anyway, life's good. I'm hangin in there. :) 

Take luck and care when you have it,

Elder Cannon

"Megamind's head is not that grossly exaggerated..."

Monday, August 6, 2012

You are a skilled metal worker.

I did not know that!

Hey all. How's it going? My life is pretty good. Average at times. Awesome at times. Not so awesome at times. But always I'm learning and growing and trying my best to be like Jesus. 

I'm doing alright. I had a wonderful opportunity this week to baptize an elderly man named José. The reason I've never told you about him is because he's from another ward. But the sisters of that ward...obviously can't baptize him, and when I interviewed him for baptism, he asked me if I would baptize him. I told him I would love to. It's so wonderful to see someone take those amazing decisions and change their lives a little at a time. That's one of the reasons I love the mission so much.

So, we're still working with Johana and Edward and Diana and Jessica and Rocío (and her children, Lina and Nicolas) and a couple others. We've been really blessed to have so many investigators. In my time as a missionary, I think I've spent most of my time trying to find, and not as much time teaching progressing investigators. But this transfer has been different. Now the only difficult thing is trying to balance all of the appointments and not forget about any of them. Also we still have to focus on finding and contacting other people, for when our investigators get baptized, we still have people to teach and aren't left with nothing. 

Anyway, I don't have much else to say. There are some general authorities coming down soon, I think. That'll be awesome. I'll keep y'all posted. They've also made a choir to sing at the conference when the general authorities come, and Sister Andelin, the Mission President's wife wants me to play the piano. Que chévere. 

Well, I think I've talked long enough. Love y'all. Don't do drugs, stay in school, and don't take candy from strangers.

-Elder Cannon

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Greetings, earthlings...

This week has gone by really fast. It seems like just a week ago I was emailing y'all. 

Hehe...that was almost funny.

Aaanyway, life's good. I'm loving this whole "inspired music" thing. Basically my favorite thing ever. I just hope the missionaries don't abuse it. That's what happened last time, and they got rid of music. 

We've been working with a few people this week that are progressing a lot. Johana and Edward, and Johana's sister, Diana. They came to church this Sunday, and had a lot of questions. We're have an appointment with them tomorrow, so I hope everything goes well. We're planning on commiting them to baptism. :) I love commiting people to baptism. Basically my favorite part of the mission. Always one of the times I feel the spirit the most. 

Another investigator we have is named Rocío. She's a single mom who has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. She also came to church yesterday, and broought her two children. She's been really interested in everything we've taught her, and has been reading the Book of Mormon as well. That just means that if she prays in faith, she'll get an answer soon. There's a part of Preach My Gospel that says to have faith in the promise in Moroni 10:3-5. Starting the mission out, I don't think I had so much faith. But now...I really can't deny the fact (because that's exactly what it is) that when someone reads, ponders and prays with faith, they will receive an answer. It's just that simple. :) D&C 82:10 says it all. The Lord is literally bound when we do what He says. :) 

So, life is wonderful. Lots of rain, and cold, but that's the kind of weather I love. My companion is from the coast, so he's freezing to death...poor guy. I'm loving this weather. 

Out of time. Love y'all. Keep reading and praying and going to the temple. :) 

-Elder Moscas

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Música Inspirada. :D

Hey Family!!!

This week the President has made it official. We can listen to "Inspired music" now. Yay! I love music. So I went and downloaded a bunch of music from the Conference website. I love the Tabernacle Choir. President said that any music from the church, or members (that is inspired) or classical music is okay. :) So...I looked around and found a little USB stereo...boom box thing, and they're super cheap. So I think I'll buy one. Much easier than trying to use CD's, and much cheaper than an ipod. :) Just plug in a USB with mp3 files, and enjoy. ;)

This week, Experanza was baptized!!! Yay!!! I was so happy for her. I had the priveledge of baptizing her. The water wasn't even cold. Have y'all seen the video about John Tanner? How he's healed by the missionaries, and is baptized that same night. What faith. Absolutely incredible. Esperanza is doing better with reading the Book of Mormon, but she still struggles with consistency sometimes. But I really have begun to see a change in her. I love how the gospel does that. It just changes people's lives. :) 

Today we went to the gold museum here in Bogota. it was pretty neat. I'll attach some fotos for y'all. Tomorrow, Hna Galvis (the sister in my district that I knew from Cucuta) has a birthday tomorrow. Then my son has his on the 26th. So tomorrow after our district meeting we're going to eat cake. Ice cream isn't really a birthday thing here. You just have to eat it when you have the ganas. But a birthday without cake would be apostasy. ;)

Let's see...what else happened this week? We had 6 investigators in church on Sunday. That was neat. Jessica, a new investigator came. I was so excited. Tonight we have an appointment with her and her "husband". I hope everything goes well. 

Oh...I never explained why I'm writing today and not yesterday. It's because the gold museum doesn't open on Monday, so we changed our Pday to today. Now you know.

Life's good. Still working with my son and such. Things are going well. :)

If you have any questions, let me know. I might be able to answer them. Y tal vez tendré las ganas. ;) jaja. 

Love y'all. Take luck and care when you have it.

-Elder Cannon

P.S. The second picture is outside the gold museum. Some Colombian ladies dressed in typical...what would you call that...old school attire? Hehe. Fun stuff. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why hello there.

Hello all. 

How are you? I'm doing well. A little wet this week, but my paraguas and my zapatos are still in good shape, so I'm not too bad. A little cold as well, but not nearly as cold as my companion. I actually have been enjoying it. He's been apenas aguantando. Jaja. 

Esperanza had her baptismal interview, and passed! The only thing that worries me is that she hasn't really been reading the Book of Mormon very much. She's read a little on her own...but very little. So we've been working with her almost every day this passed week trying to help her understand the importance of reading the Book of Mormon on her own. Samantha is still in the Unión libre status, so we commited her to talk with her boyfriend about marriage. We put a date for the 4th of August. So they'd get married the 3rd, and baptized the 4th. We're praying lots that it'll happen. :) 

Our other investigators are good. We've received a lot of new referrals lately, and last week they actually released our bishop and called a new one. He's really excited and ready to work and help us in any way he can, so that'll be really nice. We had Ward Council this week and everyone had a lot of good ideas that we're going to start doing this week. We're going to give talks in Sacrament mtg. next Sunday about Missionary work, so hopefully it all goes well. 

Training is going well. My son is powerful, but sometimes he talks a lot and doesn't let me talk at all. I was the opposite. I didn't talk very much at all starting out. Now I talk just fine, but I only say as much as I need to. I guess I feel sometimes like because I don't fight for time, I never get a word in. When teaching should be more of a shared experience. "By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall all my words be established." But he's still learning, so no worries. We've still got a while to go before the training is over.'s good. They've said that our new President might let us listen to music. That would be wonderful. I mean, I'm fine without it, but music is...kind of a big part of my life. So I like it when I can listen to it. :) Tab Choir, I love you.

Anyway, I hope everything is wonderful there in Utah, or Idaho...or wherever y'all are. :) Love y'all a ton. 

-Elder Cannon

P.S. Y'all remember Camila from Cúcuta? She called me Saturday night and said that she was in Bogotá and wanted to come to visit. So Sunday she came to our chapel! it was so good to see her again, and hear how everything/everyone is doing. I really hope I can be here when she gets sealed to her husband next March. Anyway...that was a fun surprise. :) 

P.P.S. The other foto is of me and the other Elder Cannon in the mission. He's from Brigham City and is descendent of George Q.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekly Letter: July 9, 2012

I'm running out of titles for my emails. I need to be more creative. Jeje.'s good. I'm still training. I'll be training for a few months. Things are going well. Our investigators are progressing and such. My life is gooood.

Um. Yeah. So, we're working with Esperanza and Samantha. They're both sisters, and their mom and 3 of their sisters are already members. I don't know how much I told y'all about them. They both had babies about a month ago. One is named Juan Felipe and the other is named Sarai. So, their baptismal date is the 21st of July. In just 2 weeks! This week we need to teach them the commandments, so that they can be interviewed this Saturday or Sunday and be baptized next week. The only problem is that Samantha still has a sé que, and in order to be baptized, she either has to break up with him or get married. So...we're praying that we'll be able to get that all worked out. Esperanza is all good to go. I think she just needs a stronger testimony of the book of mormon. She hasn't really read much of it...if any. So I think we're going to read with her, and re commit her to read and pray. The good thing is that she really likes the church, and wants to give a good example to her daughter when she grows up. 

Another investigator that we've been working with is named Jessica. Or Yessica. I'm not sure which. A lot of the time they use a Y to make a J sound. Yeison, Yeimy, Yanet, etc. Kind of funny. But whatev's. Jessica is golden. From the first time we met her, she wanted to read the book of mormon, and some to church. She couldn't come yesterday, because she had to care for her sobrino, but this next week, we're going to pray really hard, and do everything in our power so that she will come to church. This last time we talked with her, she asked us about baptism (it helps when we assign them to read chapters like 3 Nephi 11 or 2 Nephi 31. That way they're already thinking about it). So we explained some things, and she commited to be baptized on the 4th of August. But like every good Colombian, she lives in unión libre. Le toca casarse o separarse, o no puede bautizarse. So we're working on that. At least she knows now, so she can make a decision about what she wants to do. 

We're also working with Alejandra. Her husband is a member, but he's been inactive ever since he came back from his mission early, 6 or 7 years ago... She's really interested, and tiene ganas de asistir, but he's kind of lazy...and not as interested in coming back to church. He always says he's going to come, and says that they'll all come together, and then Sunday rolls around, and they don't show. :-/ Lástima. So we're praying really hard for both of them. He's working a lot, and has fallen into some bad habits with the influence of his work friends and hopefully he comes to and realizes that this really is what he wants. Because he knows it's true. He just doesn't want to do anything about it. 

So...that's about it with our investigators. Carmen is doing wonderful. She recently started on her personal progress, and has been really faithful and has learned and grown a lot these past few weeks. It helps a lot that her aunt is such a faithful member that knows so much about the scriptures and the gospel. (Ahem. Members: When you're present in the conversion of an investigator, that investigator is 200% more likely to be baptized and then remain faithful in the church afterward). 

Anyway, my life in a nutshell. 

The nut was more...walnut size. Not coconut size. I don't really like coconut. Never did. 

Take care, y'all. Love ya.

-Elder Cannon

P.S. Strawberry's my favorite!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!!!!

Happy fourth everyone!!!

I'm sorry I couldn't write yesterday. It's really hard to find time on a day that's not Pday. But here I am, writing y'all again. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, eating delicious barbecue and watching fireworks and such. Last year I got to see the fireworks, because I was in the MTC and they gave us all permission to watch them. Basically the coolest day of the MTC. Haha. Then they gave us ice cream and sent us to bed. This year, so far only the Sister missionaries in my district have wished me a happy 4th. We'll see if anyone else remembers. Like last year for Thanksgiving, one person wished me a happy Thanksgiving the whole day. And she gave us scrambled eggs for dinner to celebrate. :P But I guess that's all just a part of living in another country. I'm kind of excited to see how the 20th is going to be, because that's their independance day. 

So...the work goes ever onward. It's never easy, but it's always wonderful to be able to see the results of this marvelous work. We talked with Carmen on Monday, and she's doing great. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, which they had never seen, and they all loved it. It's such a powerful movie. 

Lately we've been working with a family that's only part-member. We're working specifically with two single mothers, Samantha and Esperanza. They both gave birth to their babies about a month ago, and have been really interested in learning and coming to church. We commited them to be baptized on the 21st of July. I hope everything turns out all right. Apart from them, we have some other investigators, but they don't progress much. Lots of times they don't come to church, or they don't read or pray. Those 3 things are essential to receiving an answer to a prayer about the church or the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. 

Anyway, life is wonderful. Again, I wish you all a happy 4th of July, and hope that all your wildest dreams come true.

Elder Joey

P.S. Just follow your heart. That's what I do.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey y'all. :)

Life has been pretty good. Different...but good. Life with a new missionary is always exciting. It's just really neat to be able to take all of their knowledge and work it into skills to find and teach and baptize. :) 

Sorry we didn't have much time last week...and today we have even less, because my companion forgot his password, and we had to go to the apartment again to find it. I'm thinking that we're going to finish up tomorrow...when there's more time. We have an appointment today at 6.

My son is incredible. I don't remember if I told you about him...maybe not at all. His name is Elder Numa, from Barranquilla, Colombia. He's been a member for less than 2 years, and I'm pretty sure he knows more church doctrine than I do. Haha. He has an amazing memory, and he's always quoting prophets and such from his memory. He's a cool guy. I'll attach a picture. Today we went to the temple, which I love being able to do, being here in Bogota. 

So...I have to go now. I'll write more tomorrow, I promise. Take care, y'all. I love you. :)

-Elder Cannon

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Y mas fotos...

These are pics from the Parque Jaime Duque. it's kind of an amusement park/zoo, etc. They've got some really cool stuff. Here's me with the blue macaw (spelling?) and another with my comp in front of the giant hand holding the world. It probably has an official name, but we never found out what it was.

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Mas fotos...

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5 weeks and counting.

I've been here in Bogota 5 weeks now. It really feels like I got here just yesterday. Well, today was cambios, and my companion, Elder Balabarca, is going to Bucaramanga. They're going to send me another greenie. Haha. How fun. But as always, when the new missionaries come, President doesn't tell us who they're going to be. They just get here and say, "President told me I'm going to be with Elder Cannon." And that's when I'll find out who my new companion is. 

Yesterday Carmen was baptized!!! It was such a beautiful ceremony. I love baptisms. And I finally got the virus off of my USB, so I'll be sending pics. 

I don't really have much time to write...because my companion has to go say goodbye to the members and investigators and such. But I'm hoping to maybe have time tomorrow. 

I love you all. Don't do drugs, and stay in school. :)

-Elder Cannon

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So...this week was pretty awesome. We didn't have the numbers we wanted, but Carmen passed her baptismal interview!!! :D I'm not actually sure how much I've told you all about Carmen. She's from Barranquilla, and recently moved here to live with her Aunt while she finds a job and starts college. Almost all of her family are members, including her mom, but her mom has been inactive for quite a while now, so Carmen never got baptized. Anyway, we've been teaching her, and she's one of those "little or no assembly required" kind of investigators. She was progressing right from the beginning, and accepted a baptismal date right off the bat. So this Saturday, she's getting baptized! :D Yay! Her Aunt Aida has really been a big support in all of this. She's a very active member, sealed in the temple, etc, that knows a lot and has a very strong testimony. We talked today in our District meeting about how every new member needs 3 things. 1. A friend, 2. An assignment, and 3. They need to be nourished by the good word of God. When we start off teaching someone that already has a friend in the church, the teaching process is much, much easier. Because when we're not there to answer a question, they have their friend. When we're not there to help them keep the law of chastity or the word of wisdom, they have their friend. And when they transfer the missionaries and others come, they still have their friend that they can always rely on. That's what happened with Camila in Cucuta. She had her boyfriend (now husband) to ask questions, resolve doubts, etc. when we weren't there for her. It's so much easier and much more effective when the members are involved.

Yesterday, we went to a park here called Jaime Duque. Pretty much the coolest place ever. They have a mini taj mahal, a zoo with all sorts of Colombian animals, monuments, museums, etc. We didn't have time to write yesterday because we got back a little late. But I took almost 200 pictures, so I'll be sure to send some when I can. I can't today, because when I put my USB in this computer, it gave me a virus... :( Is there such thing as anti virus software that I can install on my USB? That would be really helpful. Anyone? Anyone?

I got an email from my first companion, Elder Rapalino, telling me that he's leaving in a week! I can't believe it!!! Then President Hacking leaves the week after that. :( Everyone is leaving... Pero...asi es la mision. :-/

Life's good. I'll send you pics when I can. Take care, and don't forget that I love you all. Lots and lots.

-Elder Cannon

P.S. Why do you always have to be judging me, because I only believe in science?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello all.

I'm writing a little late today. We had a pretty full day, and I finally have time to write. We'll be on our way to the apartment pretty soon.

This week was pretty neat. A few days ago we had the opportunity to work with some Elders from the CCM (MTC) here in Bogota. One cool bit of news is that the Missionaries from the States go for 3 weeks to the MTC in Provo, and then the other 6 here in Bogota. Neat, eh? So I got to work with an Elder from Mississippi and one from Argentina. It was a fun day. We worked hard. It's fun to have their enthusiasm for the work and their strong testimonies straight from the MTC. Not that the Elders in the field don't have the Spirit, or a Testimony, but coming directly from the MTC, they've got a kind of aura about them that just radiates energy and power. :) Fun stuff. That day, we invited 2 people to be baptized, and they accepted. Yeah! :D 

We've also been working with a girl named Carmen. She's 16 years old, and recently moved in with her Tia here in Bogota. She's from Barranquilla, and is very receptive. It probably helps that almost all her family are members of the church, but her mom has been inactive for a while. Luckily her aunt is very active, and has been bringing her to church since she got here. She has a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month, and still has a lot to learn, but we're working hard with her. Actually, today we made pizza with an hermano in our ward who's a chef. He has a daughter who's about Carmen's age, and she invited her to make/eat pizza with us, and she came. It's always wonderful when the ward members befriend our investigators. It makes the task of integrating and maintaining them in the Church much, much easier. :) Oh, and the pizza was delicious, btw's. 

This morning, we went to a park that's called Mirador de los Nevados. Apparently, if it's a clear day, you can see some mountains/volcanoes that have snow on them. There aren't many places in Colombia that have snow, so I thought it'd be really cool. Well, we woke up this morming, and it was we still went, us and a group of youth from the ward, but we didn't ever see the snow. 

Anyway, life is good. I don't have much more time. Bogota has been pretty great so far. 

Love y'all. 

Elder Joey

P.S. Let's wear our ninja stuff that looks really cool...

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