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Monday, June 7, 2010

AllergAACHOOO!!! ...allergies...

So, summer brings only two things for me. ...Okay, three things.

1. Heat. I prefer the cold. I'm moving up to Rexburg this fall where it's winter for...9 months out of the year. Yeah. :) My body is one that likes to start sweating at around 75 degrees. Turn it up to 95? I'm dying. Not that I don't love the sun. I absolutely LOVE the sunlight. That's really one of my favorite things about summer. Long days. Then again, as a child, I was always confused...and kind of sad/mad...when my parents put me to bed during the day time. "It's 8 o' clock" they would say. "Time for bed." I learned eventually about the earth's orbit around the sun and how it's north/south axis is on a slant, which gives us seasons. Phew. So...long story even longer, I don't really like the heat of summer, but I love the long days.

2. Allergies. Ever since I was about 7 years old, I have had seasonal hay fever. I am allergic to pretty much anything that grows. Okay...not really, but close. I am allergic to pollen, which comes from every green thing on this earth (some more than others...), and dander from animals (mostly the animals with hair). So, summer equals heat, which equals growing plants, which equals LOTS of pollen as these plants are doing what they've done since their creation. Reproducing. Their sole purpose is to continue the existence of their species through making baby plants. So, now that we've had 2 science's a third. Okay, not really. Animals have a LOT of hair. Especially during the winter. Cats, dogs, Sea otters (Random, I know...but I heard once that sea otters have as much hair in one square inch as a german shepherd has on its entire body), etc. So, when it gets hot in the summer (I won't explain that one again...) these animals start shedding. Their hair and the stuff on it that I'm allergic to (Whatever that is) starts floating around in the air, or getting on people's clothes (I love you Mariah) and then it gets in the house. Needless to say, the summer is not a good time for me allergy-wise. My nose starts to itch, my eyes start to itch, and the second I touch either of them...any of them... it itches 10 times more, and the more itch it the worse and worse it gets, until my eyes are bloodshot, and my nose is running off my face. Not the most pleasant experience, I can assure you. There is such thing as allergy medicine, but I have never found it 100% effective... It does help, however, so I use it. Also there are eye drops to help a suffering person that has already started to itch their eyes. I find that the best remedy is to lay down in a cool, dark room with a cold, wet cloth over your face (mouth, nose, and eyes), and just lay there for a few hours. Another preventative measure one with allergies can take is to wash your hands (up to the elbows) a LOT. The more you wash, the less dander/pollen there will be on your hands, and the less it will effect you if (when...?) you touch your face. Oh, that's another thing. Don't touch your face. EVER. :D sigh... Other than that, allergies are just great. You get to chew on sagebrush. I mean, how cool is that? I bet you've never chewed on sagebrush, have you? It tastes like an orange peel. Yum!

3. Um...I can't remember what number 3 was. Maybe it was boating. I love boating. I've only done it...4 or 5 times, but I'm not too bad on a wakeboard. I was never very good at the whole water skiing thing, but I love to wakeboard. Also, getting sunburned in the shape of a life-vest is great fun too. What's even more fun, is putting your handprint on your chest with sunscreen and getting a...painful but cool looking burn. Life is just great!

Anyway, I hope Y'alls have a sweetawesome summer!

Have a nice day.


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