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"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey y'all...

I can't believe it's already been another week. It seems like just yesterday this week started, and now it's over. Well...technically we're in a new week. Yesterday it was over. Aaaanyway, life's just great. The past little while I've been looking for a soccer jersey from the US world cup team, and couldn't find one anywhere. I bought one of the Real Madrid team, but from the US...nothing. Elder Godoy, an Elder here in Tunja had one that another gringo gave him, and this week he asked me if I wanted it. So I bought it from him, and am now happy as a clam. :) 

If you didn't know, fútbol, or soccer, is basically the most important thing here. If you don't play fútbol, you're not really Colombian. Or Latino, for that matter. I've kind of been getting into the whole soccer thing, and I'm not latino, but I don't play too bad. Haha. We only play once or twice every 6 weeks anyway, but I enjoy it. 

The work is moving forward. :) Diana is getting baptized this week! My  companion is going to baptize her, which is super exit because it'll be his first baptism. :) Be-awesome. She had some doubts about whether to wait or not, because her boyfriend, who's a member, is out of town until who knows when, and she wanted him to baptize her. We talked to her boyfriend this week and he told us he had talked to her, and told her not to wait. He told us to take lots of pictures, but to not postpone it. Para nada. So she'll be baptized between the afternoon session and the priesthood session of conference this Saturday. 

Speaking of Conference!!! I am so stoked for General Conference this year. I read an article about Thomas S. Monson in the Liahona this morning that I loved. It was titled, "Have I done any good in the World Today?" I think. It was in Spanish. Every time I think about President Monson, I think about all of the many things he's done for so many people in this world. He doesn't hesitate for a second to leave the ninety and nine and go after the one. I love President Monson. He's my hero. Oh, and a quote from the article that I loved was by Elder Richard G. Scott. He said, "The Lord had to make President Monson big to fit the size of his heart." It's so true. :)

This week, we commited Pilar to baptism. She's planning on getting baptized in about a month. Around the 28th of April. We had talked to her a lot about baptism, and she never wanted to commit, especially because she didn't think her parents would really support her. But she took the step of faith into the dark, and we're praying hard that the Lord will light her way, and show her where to go. It worries me a little, setting a baptismal date so far off. It worries me because Satan is incredibly cunning. A month is a long time to wait for an ordinance as important as baptism. Satan knows that she can't enter into the presence of God without baptism. He knows that she can't really change her life how she wants without the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and so he'll do everything he can to keep her from getting baptized. Doubts, fears, worries, excuses...just to name a few of the tools Satan uses to keep investigators from following through on their commitments. But with a little faith, a lot of prayer, and some careful teaching and guiding, I know without a doubt that she'll make it. I ask for your prayers as well. She needs them. She needs the gospel, and the only way there is to truly receive it is through the saving ordinance of baptism. 

Well dear family and friends, take care. Stay in school, don't do drugs, you know the drill (Nooo! Not the drill!!!).

I love you all.

-Elder Moscas

P.S. Haaaave yooooouuu....ever ever ever in your long-legged life seen a long-legged sailor with a long-legged wife?

P.P.S. Red eye flashes twice!

P.P.P.S. The fotos are of Elder Godoy and I with some of the youth from the ward. We played Fútbol last Pday. The other is an example of what the doorbells look like a lot of times in high rise apartments... We rang all 13 of them, and only one person came out to talk to us. :)

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