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"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey y'all. Mi querida familia.

Life here in Tunja is great. Cold, wet, with lots of work. :) We've been working a lot with Diana. She's basically a pre-wrapped baptism (Pre-blessed!!). We just need her boyfriend to come back into town so he can baptize her. I hope he comes back before the 31st of March... This week we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing. She was already living every one of those laws. Tithing maybe not, but she's not really earning anything, so I guess technically she is. That's life the deaf parrot that repeated every word it heard. ;)

This week we had Zone Conference with President Hacking and the assistants. I enjoyed it a lot. Elder Nuñez is the new assistant, and in my opinion, is doing a lot more than the previous assistants do. It's like that scripture in D&C 121 that talks about the man that gets a little athourity (is that how you spell that? ...autoridad), starts to exercise it in unrighteous ways. Sadly, lots of Zone Leaders or assistants think that because they have their "more important" duties, (maybe I just need a better duty!) they can excuse themself from the work they should be doing. Unlike others, Elder Nuñez has been working hard, and even had a baptism the other week. 

I feel like all of my good mission friends are all leaving. :-/ I can't believe that I've been out so long. Even though I've still got a good ways to go. I still feel like a new missionary. Haha. 

This week I interviewed 4 people from Tunja Sur to be baptized. During the interview, I always ask them who they want to baptize them. One young man, Brandon (12 yrs) said "I want you to baptize me." Haha. I asked him why, and he said, "No sé caes bien." So I baptized Brandon on Saturday. It was a really neat experience. There wasn't any gas to heat the water, so we baptized in cold water. Luckily it wasn't that cold. Normally the cold water here in Tunja comes out with little chunks of ice. Haha. jk. We celebrated with cheap hamburgers afterwards. :) 

Training is going well. My son is a very hard worker, like I'm sure I've said before. It seems like they only send the most prepared out into the field nowadays. I remember it took me several weeks to get over the fear of contacting people, and he had it down in a few days. He says it still makes him scared a little, and sometimes he doesn't know what to say, but I think he does it great. 

This work is wonderful. The greatest thing about it is that every day, if I trace my steps carefully, I can see where the Spirit guided us, and how the Lord led us to the people that really needed to hear our message. It's a beautiful experience, really. Every day, my companion and I look back on the day and count our blessings. Yesterday, for example, we took a bus to a really far area to visit some contacts we had made the week before. None of them were home, and we were going to turn back when I remembered the Carreño family, a family of old investigators that an hermano had told us about. We went to their house, and they invited us in. That same visit, we ended up intiving them to baptism. It's just amazing how the Spirit talks to us as missionaries. Sometimes we don't even realize that it was the Spirit speaking until after. Sometimes it's days or weeks after that we realize that we had been guided by the Spirit. It's like the story that Elder Bednar tells about the 20 Marks he gave to Elder Packer in Germany, not really thinking anything of it. Only years and years later did he find out that that money had saved Elder Packer and his wife from a very dangerous situation. It's amazing how the Spirit works. I pray every day that i will be more and more in tune with the Spirit to be able to find and teach those people that are prepared to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Anyway, thanks for all your support. Your emails and letters and Dear Elders and packages full of candy. ;) Even if it's just a post card with a "Hi how's it going," I'm always glad to hear from my family and friends. :) I love you all so much. I hope everything is well, doquier que se encuentran (I think I said that right...). Take luck. I'll probably be back to talk at you all next week.

Love from,
Elder Cannon

P.S. At home sittin' in my favorite nook...

P.P.S. One of the pictures is of my companion and a "pavo real" or royal turkey. Peacock. Hehe. We visited a member who lives super-lejos and she had some pretty amazing animals. The peacock spread it's feathers, so we had to get a picture. :)

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