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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wyoming is great. It feeds lemonade?

So, until yesterday, I was entirely convinced that when I discovered mint oreo's (at 1 in the morning), they were the greatest thing on the planet, as far as being hyper and crazy with friends goes. Well, I do believe that I have found something that might have topped the 'oreo's from heaven'. I was on trek, and see...normally when you're camping, it's like...tinfoil dinners, or baked potatoes, or some kind of mush made out of who knows what, but this trek was different. We had the Nicolsons cooking our food. The Nicolsons are most likely the most talented, organized, amazing camp cooks you will ever, ever meet. Hands down. Wait...then I should probably take out the 'most likely'. The Nicolsons are the most talented, organized, amazing camp cooks you will ever, ever meet. There, that's better. Well, anyway, for one dinner, we had pink lemonade to drink with our

Wow, there was lightning outside just now, and it was SO COOL!!!

delicious potatoes and bacon and...veggies. Watermelon. There was watermelon, too. Anyway, none of that really mattered except the pink lemonade. I filled up my whole PHS Bulldogs water bottle with it, and refilled once, too. Um, and then I was really hyper. And so was Tyler, and Craig. It's one of those memories that's just kind of like...what on earth was I thinking? But...oh. I wrote this story while I was...under the influence? (btw, we decided that we would never, EVER use alcohol, because...why would you? Pink lemonade made us more happy than any amount of alcohol could do. Also, we had a testimony meeting right after, and believe me, it would have been a different story had we been using alcohol) (btw...also...I am not in any way saying that alcohol could make one happy, it's just something that some sadly misled people use to make themselves think they're happy? Something. I wouldn't really know. Point is, I'm being ADD. Real point is, I do not in any way condone the use of alcohol, for myself or anyone else.) So...lets see, that was a lot of parentheses. Oh! Story. Here you go:

"Once upon a time, there was a magical 
place where there was lots of pink lemonade. And 
I went swimming in it, and then drowned. And
then I drank some more. Then end."

So...good memory? Kind of. Scary memory? I'm leaning more toward a yes. Memory that shows how much a little pink lemonade could do? Definitely. (I heard someone say 'fer def' once. Kind of like 'fer rills', but 'fer def', like, definitely. I was gonna just say that, but I wasn't sure if you would understand. Okay, we're gonna get back!

The rest of this story goes a little bit like this: *someone walks up and gives us a weird look* 'Um guys, we're going to have a testimony meeting.' *Then we pretty much just snapped out of our weird, hyper mood, and put on our 'testimony-type' attitude.* I was actually kind of surprised at how good we did at not being hyper anymore, and just 'sobering up' if you will (sorry...again with the alcohol just fits? ...idk, moving on). 

Our testimony meeting was really quite amazing. I teared up during my testimony, which has only happened once or twice before. I guess I just have some of my dad in me (I love you dad). 

So, in case you were all wondering, (which of course you were) (why am I using parentheses so much? I don't know. But why not? Okay...I'll shut up now) um...oh yeah. I have officially decided that Wyoming sunsets are AMAZING!!! There. It's official. Also, I was considerate and brought a camera, so you could all join me in my amazement. Um...actually, I didn't bring a camera, but I was considerate enough to bring a sister that had a camera (and she was considerate enough to take sunset pictures). So...enough with the considerateness. Just know that this shows that I love you, okay? Okay.

So, there you go. Amazing, isn't it?

The rest of trek was fun. We were climbing around on Independence Rock, and then it started raining these big, fat drops, and then there were more of them, and I had a flour sack baby (Katherine Kevin Jackson) to protect. I ran really fast to the van, and then in a few minutes it stopped, and the sun came out, and guess what? There was a rainbow. Here's another picture for you (Compliments of Emilyn Cannon):

That one is cool because you can see all the drops on the van window. :)

It was an amazing trek. It really was. It was the third pioneer trek I had been on, and it was by far the best. :) It was a ward trek, which made a big difference, I think. It was so much more tight knit than the two stake treks I have been on. We were all friends, we all knew each other, and we were all there to help each other out. 

I think I would definitely call this the greatest week of my life. Fer def. (haha...I said that again.)

I think it's late. I kind of want to blog more about this amazing experience, but it's late, and I'm tired from the sixteen miles that I pulled the handcart. hehe... :p

Okay bye.

Have a nice day.


Whenever it is when you have the misfortune of reading this post...



  1. Joey, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER stop blogging!!!!



  2. Ha, you just inadvertantly made a deal, Joey. ;) Course, you've got Josie, so that, plus she's a girl pretty much means she'll win.
    Oh, and I love your ADD lightning moment, it made me laugh right out loud...
    ...the sunset pictures are AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing. :)
    And I'm glad you had fun. ;)
    Love, Me.

  3. Haha...well I guess I'll just have to keep blogging then, won't I?

    I'm glad I could make you lol Jenna. :p

    Don't I just have such great friends?

    Yes, yes I do.