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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not 17.

So, I don't usually like confronting police officers. Most of the time I'm happy not to have to talk to them at all. Tonight was different. Know why? 'Cause I'm 18!!!

I went to a party at the Lindon park with a bunch of awesome people from my singles ward. This party was just to hang out one last time before we all moved off to college. Some of us are moving out Thursday, some in a week, others a couple weeks. I think I took the cake at 2 weeks and 4 days. Go BYU-Idaho, eh? :)

Anyway, the party was fun. We played the hugging game, which I had never played before, but it was pretty fun. haha. It's like a more mellow version of spin the bottle. But...there's more running. And no kissing. Ew.

We played frisbee, ate dark chocolate peanut M&M's (which, I decided, were AMAZING!!!!!), and sat and talked, and laughed and had a good time. :)

The sprinklers came on at 11, but we were safely secluded in the shelter of the pavilion before we actually got wet, so that was...fortunate. I think it would have been an adventure if we hadn't known, and we all got soaked. Oh well. Maybe some other time...

At around 11:35 a police car drove up (actually it was a truck), and the guy came over and asked how old we all were.

'18!' We all said, with pride. Can't pull your curfew card on us, now can you, mister policeman?

'The park closes at 11, so you guys have to go.'


But at least we didn't get written up or ticketed for being out past curfew. Yeah!

So we left, but I was happy. I had to be home soon anyway, so it was a good excuse to break away from all of my awesome single (18 year-old) friends.

Moral of the story? Be 18, and you're automatically awesome!

Have a nice day, eh?

(Also a moral...if you're not 18 yet, don't be out past 11, eh? At least not in Lindon...)


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