It's not so much "whatever that means." It's whoever...

"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Monday, December 5, 2011 is being lamesauce.

So we've been here for almost an hour, and this website is being dumb. It keeps having errors. Maybe it's the fact that 50 some-odd thousand missionaries are emailing families today. Then I just realized that we're all in different time zones and that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus the fact that it's powered by gmail. So why are there problems?

Well, I guess I'll get talking before it dies again. This week was pretty good. There were a lot of distractions to the work itself, because we had a lot of activities and such. We had a Show de Talentos in the Cumbre ward, a service project at a fire station (where they let us practice using fire extinguishers. Super-cool.) Also we used machetes. I'm not sure which I liked more. ;) That same day, we had a choque de fuerzas in our ward. Basically all 16 missionaries from our zone came to our ward and visited less actives and contacted and such. It was neat. We got another baptismal date and some new investigators from it. :) 

If you didn't know, I'm in the December Liahona. I'm pretty sure that would translate to Ensign, not New Era. It's the part where they're talking about the New Mission Presidents Seminar in the MTC. I'm in the picture of the choir. Some of you have probably already seen it. I'm in the back row, 5 or 6 from the right. And for those of you who went to Provo High and know Stephanie Osborne, she's standing in front of me, I think. I don't have it here with me. :) So...yep.

Happy Birthday Dad and Sophie!!! I really can't believe it's December already. I'm blaming it on the weather. It just doesn't feel like December. Everyone here is complaining about the cold. Ha. What cold? Cold is when you can't see the mark on the thermometer because it's so low. Cold... :P 

Basically the biggest piece of news is that tomorrow there are cambios. And I'm leaving. Ah! It took me by surprise. I was so sure I'd be here another cambio. In fact, I was so sure, I spent 50,000 pesos on food last week, and now I have to leave it all here. :P I'm going to Cúcuta. I can't remember which area exactly, but I'll be with another Peruano. Also, I have to go, because I have to go say goodbye to everyone before tomorrow. Wish me luck! Actually, luck doesn't exist. Brother Goss always told us that whenever someone wished you luck, you should kick them in the shins. Pray for me? That's a better option, I think. :)

I love you all. I hope all is well in the wonderful wintery Utah. Sigh. I miss snow. Lots.

Okay I'm done now. Have a nice day. :)

-Elder Joey

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