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"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And then I wrote you guys an email.

Hello everyone. It's P-Day again. And what does Elder Cannon do on P-Day? He types stuff. Then people read it. Well...he kind of just assumes that people read it. He doesn't actually know. Except when people tell him. I guess that's happened a couple times. Also, forgive any spelling/grammar errors. I'm struggling a bit with this whole bilingual thing... :P

This past week was great. I mean...every week is scheduled exactly the same, but it was stil pretty amazing. Work, work, and more work. It's wonderful. We study for a couple/few hours every day, which is probably my favorite. Having so much time set apart just for studying is really helpful. I've started reading "Jesus The Christ" and I absolutely love it. It's a little tough to get into sometimes, but it's an amazing book. It's like Elder Talmage just took a magnifying glass to Jesus' life, and then described what he saw. The result was a 800-ish page book, filled with interesting details and insights about the life of Jesus Christ. This Tuesday, the General Primary President came to speak to us for Devo. The first few minutes of her talk, she had us singing primary songs. :) It was lots of fun. She told us a story from when she and her husband were mission presidents. She was at the grocery store late on the night before Thanksgiving, and she and her daughters were frantically throwing things into the cart, trying to get everything they needed before the store closed. They rushed up to the checkout and began unloading items on the counter. The man at the register started ringing the items up, and that's when she saw the sign that said "15 items or less." She told him that she could pay for what he had already rung up, and take the rest to another checkout counter. He told her "No, I just work really fast." She smiled and thanked the man, and then he said, "That man on your chest is my best friend." She looked at her tag, and was a little confused, thinking he was talking about one of their missionaries, but then she realized what he was saying. "I can tell that Jesus Christ is your best friend, by how kind you were to us." Then he said, "I can tell he's your best friend by the way you talk to your daughters." This story was very touching to me, especially as I've been reading Jesus the Christ, and trying to be more like Him. Is He my best friend? Is he yours? This is my challenge to each of you. If Jesus Christ is your best friend, then do everything you can to keep it that way. And if he's not, then maybe just spend a little more time with Him. Get to know Him a little better, so that one day people will be able to look at you and say, "Jesus Christ is your best friend."

I've been singing in the MTC Choir every week, and last week I got chosen (along with my companion, my district leader, and about 40-ish other missionaries) to be in a special choir that will sing at the Mission Presidents seminar. July 1st is when they switch out the mission presidents, and we'll be here while they're being trained. Also, there will probably be some general authorities. Hehe. :) That'd be exciting. Anyway, we have 6 songs that are supposed to be memorised in 6 days. I've sung through each of them once or twice is all...but we start practicing together starting tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to be in an amazing choir again. The MTC Choir is amazing...but there are usually about 500 missionaries singing in it every week, so it's not really the same. anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. I think it starts next Wednesday, and I'm not sure how long it goes.

Let's see...what else. Oh! The gash in my leg that I got in Moab finally healed. That was a happy day. That gash and I were never really friends, so I'm glad it's gone. Actually, that's false. We were friends for the first day. Because it looked so COOL! But after that it was just kind of painful and annoying. But it's gone now, finally. Oh! That reminds me. Hehe. Yesterday I wrote a "Dear John" to English. Like...we pretended as if we were going out with English, but we were breaking it off because we had found a new love named Spanish, and all that kind of stuff. It was a pretty hilarious activity. I really do love Spanish. Maybe not...quite as much as I love English, but I'm sure I'll get there someday. I do kind of hope I can still speak English when I get home. It'll be a little bit difficult to communicate otherwise. A couple of days ago, I went the entire day and only said 7 or 8 words in English. The first day I tried that, I pretty much just didn't talk much...and still ended up saying almost 60 words in English. But it's getting easier the more I speak it, and more enjoyable too.

Anyway, life is wonderful. I got a few packages in the mail this week. That was great. :) Thanks fam and friends. Y'all are the best, y'know that? You really are. I mean, any prayers said in my behalf are probably worth several packages, but the packages are still super-fun to get. ;)

I hope that life is treating you all wonderfully, in whatever part of the world you are. Stay on the strait and narrow, hold to the iron rod, and remember to keep your sights on what's at the end of this Celestial path. :)

I love you all. Carry on. The Church is true. Jesus Christ lives.

I'll talk at you all again next week. ;)

-Elder Moscas

P.S. I have a machete. Right here.

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