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Monday, September 20, 2010

Advice for college life:

Here's a list of ideas and advice for you if you're in college. It's just a start...I might add more to this list later.

1. Sleep.
2. It's okay to have a social life as long as you can fit it in with the 20+ hours of school, that many or more hours of homework, and church and other activities.
3. College is approximately 700% easier without a social life.
4. College is approximately 700% more fun with one.
5. Eat enough food to last you through ALL of your classes, not just the first one or two. And if you can't eat that much, pack some along with you.
6. Sleep!
7. Don't forget to read your scriptures. There's really nothing better for your spirit than a break every day from all the chaos of school and work and friends.
8. Call you're mother. Often. Not only does she greatly appreciate it, that's just pure spiritual brownie points. ;) (I guess this only applies if you've moved out. Oh well. It's still cellestial advice.)
9. Don't ever, EVER stay up until 2 am watching your roomates play Age of Empires. You'll just go to bed wondering what on earth you're doing with your life, and you'll wake up wondering why on earth you wasted a good night's sleep on that...
10. SLEEP!!! (are you getting the point yet?)

Well, I think that's all for now. Don't really is a party, you just have to party the right way. Only on the weekends after you've done all your homework and only for a little bit or you'll fall asleep in church the next day and everyone will laugh at you and you'll be really embarrassed.

Have a nice day!

I love you all. :)



  1. Very good advice. :) especially...okay, I loved them all. :)

    Oh, and btw...I want to vote on ALL of your options on your poll. ;) haha. :) Stay cool, stay sane, put those together and stay in school. ;) well...something like that.

    Love, Me.

  2. I especially love #8!

    shorappreesheeaitchya :)