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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So, there's this new thing called 3D, and it's amazing. It's like, the whole world popping out at you. Well, not the whole world. That'd be insane, but the movie your watching is totally in your face. It's amazing. It's like, nothing you've ever seen.

...except for every day you've ever lived! 3D is pretty cool, but it's just fake stuff trying to be real. Like, whoa! It's 3D! Yeah...did you come from a 2D world? ...probably not.

So, number 11 for me was in 3D! I found it in 3D at the dollar theater, so I was really excited and took my sisters the day I found out. Which was today. Anyway, It was great. Even the 11th time. But I discovered something about the 3D-ness of it that was pretty interesting, and as it turns out, painful. I was sitting there, watching Hiccup almost get fried by the monstrous nightmare, and I thought it would be cool to turn my 3D glasses upside-down. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced. All of a sudden, the stuff that was supposed to be up close and sticking out was in the background. And all of the stuff that was supposed to be in the background was sticking out! It was way cool. So, after I had played around, putting my glasses on every way I could think, I decided that upside-down was the coolest way to wear them. I kept them on for probably 4 or 5 minutes, thinking my eyes would adjust. I heard this story once about an experiment a guy did with glasses, kinda similar... He wore these glasses that made everything turn upside-down, which I'm sure would be a pain. I'd be bumping into stuff all over the place. But, after a while (this is the important part), his brain flipped it over, so he was seeing everything normal when he had the glasses on. And then when he took them off, everything would be upside-down. Isn't that sweet? So, the human brain is smart enough to figure out that everything is upside-down, and flip it over! That's cool. Well, as I was wearing my 3D glasses upside-down, I was thought, hey, if I leave them on long enough, my brain will just switch for me, right?

Wrong. It ended up just giving me a headache (which I still have...5 hours later). So much for that idea.

Anyway, this is my warning to you all: Don't wear your 3D glasses upside-down. But if you do (because it's really pretty cool), only do it for a few seconds. Then switch them back before you get a headache, or get dizzy, or anything like that.

Have a nice day!



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  2. I tried the 3D glasses thing. I was pretty much entertained for 15 minutes in my room. ;) :P Yes, I am a nerd. ;) hahahaha.
    Love, Me.