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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rexburg: Home of the 8 foot snowmen.

Today it's about 34 degrees with some light snow falling. Perfect weather for just about anything. Unless you want to go wakeboarding. I'm not sure that would be very fun today. But for anything else, today is perfect. Like  drinking hot chocolate while sitting in front of the heater (we don't have a fireplace, or I would sit in front of that). You could also cuddle up in a blanket and read a good book (in front of the heater). If you're awesome, you'd go for a run, or build a snowman at the park. See? This weather is great for all kinds of things.

On Monday we got our first legit snowfall. It started snowing at around 7 in the morning, and it didn't stop until 10 at night. It was a wonderful day. :) Jaymes (my awesome roommate from Texas) and I went to Porter Park and started building a snowman. We were almost finished with the first snowball when Trevor showed up. Neither of us had ever met Trevor before, but he wanted to help out, so we let him. With the three of us pushing, we got the first snowball even bigger, and when we finally just couldn't push it any further, we made the unanimous decision that our snowman would go right there. The second snowball was almost as big as the first. We had a pretty hard time lifting it up onto the first one, but with a little grunting and some awesomeness and attractiveness, we got it up. After resting for a bit, Jaymes went to find some branches for the arms, and Trevor and I made the head. When Jaymes got back with the sticks and a random shirt that he had found in the snow, he helped us lift the head up onto the body. That's when Trevor realized that he had carrots back home, so he took off to get one. Jaymes and I went into the trees to find some pine cones for the rest of the face. Here's the finished product:

That's Jaymes standing next to Hosehead (that's what we decided to name him). If Jaymes if 6' 4", then this snowman has got to be at least 8 feet. Oh, and sorry about the bad picture was my lamesauce camera phone...

Rexburg is wonderful. I'm loving it. Biking in the snow isn't the coolest thing ever, but snow just adds such a magical feeling to life. It's the beginning of the Christmas season where everything is merry and bright. I need to stock up on hot chocolate and take lots of Vitamin C.

College is still lots of fun. I think I'm learning to budget my time a little better. I've been getting to bed semi-on-time, and I've been doing my homework. Life is great. :) Calculus is still painful, but we just started applications of integrals, which is really a pretty awesome subject. It gets harder as you get deeper into it, but for now, it's great!

Random story...yesterday I found out that Camille Saint-Saens is a guy. All my life I thought he was a girl. You can't really blame me though. I mean, with a name like Camille? How was I supposed to know that Camille was a guy? Anyway...that was random, kind of just...threw my life off balance. Oh! I remember how I found this out. I was trying to find his third symphony, because it's on the movie Babe and I wanted to hear it. I think I happened upon a picture of the guy on Wikipedia or something. Anyway, you should listen to that song. It's great. :)

I should probably go get ready for class now. Humanities, here I come!

Have a nice day, eh?

Go build a snowman. Unless you don't have any snow. Then you can just sit at the front window and wish more than anything that you had as much snow as Rexburg does. ;)

I love you all,


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