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"Dear Elder Cannon: you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Colombia Bogota North Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months...You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language... "

Thursday, February 24, 2011

13 weeks from yesterday...

I'll be in the MTC!!! How crazy is that? Like, really crazy.

Aaaaanyway, I'm pretty much stoked. Still. My stokedness hasn't really changed. If anything, it has grown. I got a sweetawesome new mission camera! That was super-exciting. I still haven't decided what to name him though. I've never been amazing at naming things. Have I said this before? It took me practically until we sold it to name our old car...and then every time I referred to it as "The Ferrari" everyone was like, "You got to drive a ferrari? Since when?!" And then I would have to tell the whole story and how it wasn't really a ferrari, it was a 20 something year old Toyota Corrola.

Can you say, FAIL ?

My Caps Lock can.

Sometimes I tell funny jokes. The other 98% of the time, it's pretty much just more of that FAIL business...

Here's a picture for you:

There's a couple of good looking guys. Well...maybe one good looking guy. I never was much to look at. So...yep. My dad and I went skiing the other day. Skiing. That's the coolest word. It has two i's right in the middle. :) Skiing. Um. Anyway, we went skiing and had a blast! I had never been before, so my dad helped me get going, but I think I picked it up pretty quick. I'm not saying I'm pro or anything...because I'm really not. I didn't do anything harder than a fairly easy blue run, so...I'm not that amazing. I did enjoy it though, I will say that. I only crashed 3 or 4 times and only broke one ski pole, so all in all, I think it was a pretty successful trip. By the way, it was the stupid ski lift that ate my pole. Not really...we were just on our way up the mountain, and we were going to go past the first stop, where the lift seat gets really close to the ground so you can get off if you want, and I didn't even think to lift my poles out of the way. My pole got caught under the lift seat and bent pretty bad. It broke completely in half on the way down the mountain, so I stashed it at the bottom, and just got used to skiing without poles. It wasn't too bad once I got used to it. I just had to figure out how to balance using my arms, instead of the poles. The picture I posted was our "before" picture. We decided not to take an after picture. My dad said it would look just like the before picture only with hat hair, and more sweaty and tired-looking. We did get quite a few "during" pictures though, on my dad's cell phone. We got some videos too. On the way home, there was a really pretty sunset. I'm really grateful that I live in such a beautiful world. I'm also really grateful for an awesome dad that will take a day out of his week to take me skiing. I love my dad. :)

I started reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I haven't read very much, but it's already such an interesting book. Not only is it a powerful testimony of the divinity of the Savior, it's a detailed history of the events of His life. His...premortal, mortal, and post-mortal life. :) It's an amazing book. If you have time, you should read at least a chapter or two. It's jam packed with little spiritual nuggets. 

Well, I'm looking at my Blog Post Checklist and I'm pretty sure I've done everything on the list. You know, told at least 7 dumb jokes, posted a picture, rambled about something completely get the idea. I'm pretty sure it's time for bed now.

Have a nice day, y'all. :)


P to the S: Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.

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